Phone wreckers are IDIOTS

Anyone who lived through the funny and frightening PSAs of 1980s Ireland should read this blog post.

I swear I would pay money to the person who would upload the PSA from the 1980s about phone vandalism. (Why phone vandalism? Was that the worst our budding criminals could come up with back then?)
It featured a song to the tune of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. The lyrics (as given in the blog post) went like this:

We don’t need your stupid messing,
We all want to use that phone,
Smash that phone on the doorstep (?),
Hey! Stupid! Leave the phone alone.

The best part was Bob Geldof saying angrily, “Phone wreckers are IDIOTS!” We would randomly quote that, but then we were easily amused back then.

Another favourite: “John, did you put the cat out?” In which John causes the house to go up in flames through unlikely circumstances and improbable stupidity.

Sadly, almost none of these are on Youtube. 😦


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