Attention: suspend your disbelief… now

Just when work is expected to be started again at Glenagad, Shell/Irish State have A completely unbiased court has imprisoned Maura Harrington for Crimes Against Shell. Pronouncing that the 7 stone 4’10” woman she assaulted a Garda, the judge recommended psychiatric evaluation due to her inconceivable action of Opposing Shell. /broadcast

Maura Harrington will serve 30 days in Mountjoy Jail, and was taken there tonight. Mountjoy formerly housed many republicans during the War of Independence and Civil War. Thomas Ashe died there in 1917 after being force fed in attempts to break his hunger strike.

It is understood that in the Shell/Irish State lexicon, peaceful protest means violence, and violence committed by state enforcers is erased from the record. The media accepts and enacts this lexicon because it is Good. Please adjust your ideas accordingly. This may entail suspending your disbelief and ignoring facts.

Accounts of the incident in question (June 2007):

Shell’s contractor, RPS, intended to site a portacabin type container at the pier at Pollatomais. While there is public access to the pier, and easy pedestrian access, the only roadway suitable for vehicles is private property, and the landowner had given no permission for machinery to use it. There have been landslides in the past, and in his opinion the roadway is unsuitable for the likes of JCBs. It is reported that the owner of the land was on the phone to a solicitor while talking to Garda Superintendent Joseph Gannon, but Gannon walked away in the middle of the conversation. He didn’t want to know.

Local people barred the gate to the slip road by standing behind it. However, in a dangerous and reckless act, the Gardaí directed the digger driver to use the machine as a battering ram, and push the gate open while the people were standing at it.

The only way people were able to deal with this dangerous behaviour was to climb on the JCB.

In the jostling that followed, protesters and Gardaí were thrown off the roadway. One protester, from Rossport directly across the estuary, found himself in ditch with a Garda, who was bleeding from a cut on his face from hitting branches at the roadway. He held onto the Garda’s jacket to prevent him falling further. The hysterical Garda however hit out and punched him, not realising the danger he was in. When the two were lifted out by other Gardaí and protesters, the local man was arrested and charged with assault!

He has been released and his case will be heard among others related to the dispute at the next hearing of the district court tomorrow.

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