ME/CFS and the insurance industry: press release




The ME Association has become increasingly concerned about feedback from our
members regarding the way in which some insurance companies are behaving
when it comes to claims for private sickness/disability related benefits –
PHI (income protection/replacem ent) policies in particular.

We do not believe that the NICE guideline on ME/CFS is helping matters,
especially the way in which one insurance website has interpreted the
outcome of the NICE guideline judicial review to mean that ME/CFS is now
classified as a psychiatric illness rather than a physical illness. As a
result, it is claimed that insurance companies can opt of making payments to
people with ME/CFS where there is a psychiatric illness exclusion clause in
the contract. See also our report on the Countess of Mar raising this issue
during a House of Lords debate: :
http://www.meassoci uk/content/ view/826

We have therefore arranged a meeting with representatives from the
Association of British Insurers (ABI) to discuss these and other
insurance-related concerns. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 8

Whilst we cannot undertake to deal with individual insurance related
problems at this meeting, we are keen to hear from anyone who has any
important general points which ought to be raised at this meeting. The
agenda for the meeting will be based on the concerns noted above about the
NICE guideline and the various problems that are discussed in the new MEA
information leaflet on PHI policies.


We are also about to start updating our database on insurance companies that
are either helpful or unhelpful when it comes to offering travel insurance
policies to people with ME/CFS. If you have any 2009 information on
helpful/unhelpful travel insurers please let us know the basic details.

MEA iterature can e obtained using the pdf ORDER FORM on the MEA website: uk



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