Time magazine obituary of Countess Markievicz, 1927

Previous posts contain letters to the Irish Times and Irish Independent which challenged their allegations about Countess Markievicz’s involvement in the shooting of a policeman on Easter Week in 1916. I just stumbled across Time Magazine’s obituary of the Countess in which they termed her a “murderess” and accused her of killing someone else:

In 1916 one of the guards of the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin resisted the entrance of a mob led by the Countess Markievicz. She opened her purse, drew out a pistol, shot the guard dead, and continued to lead a faction of the great Republican demonstration staged in Dublin throughout the notorious “Black Easter Week.”

The truth of the matter is that Markievicz intervened to save the doorkeeper’s life as the occupation was taking place:

Frank Robbins of the St Stephen’s Green contingent related that, as the College of Surgeons was being occupied, the doorkeeper let off a shotgun blast, nearly hitting Robbins.

Markievicz’s intervention saved the man, whom Robbins and the others considered shooting.

Remember, when you come to write history from the imperialist point of view, make sure your women are crazy and your facts are a mirror image of the truth.


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