‘The Pipe’ documentary selected for Toronto Film Festival

The Irish feature documentary The Pipe, directed by Risteard O’Domhnall, has been officially selected for the Real to Reel section of the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, which takes place from 9th – 19th September.

This emotional documentary chronicles local farmers and fishermen who rise up in protest, fearing explosions and environmental hazards, when Shell Oil decide to build a giant high-pressure pipe to transport raw gas through the town of Rossport to an inland refinery. The film plunges us into violent clashes between protestors and the Gardaí, and as tension mounts, the community divides over how to confront Shell and five local men known as the ‘Rossport Five’ serve time in jail.

Irish Film Board

The selection of The Pipe for the Toronto Film Festival guarantees large exposure and greatly increases its chances of a wider distribution. It was the winner of the Best Documentary award at the recent Galway Film Fleadh, selling out both screenings and getting a standing ovation on both occasions. Given the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the issue of pipeline safety is likely to strike a chord with American audiences.

Official site of The Pipe


2 thoughts on “‘The Pipe’ documentary selected for Toronto Film Festival

  1. This particularly good documentary was shown to open the 2011 season of the Montreal Cine Gael group. Audience-members liked it a lot and I was glad to have pushed for it.

    I understand things have badly with that struggle since. Trust the Powers-that-be never to let a crisis go to waste.

    We have just had an election saddling us with a right-wing neo-Con. government that got only 40% of the vote. No more Canada – call it Harperland. But a lot of us intend to resist.

    best wishes,

    Susan Campbell

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