Hitler Saved By Dubliner?

I decided to remove the text of “Loki’s” post because it did not turn out to be up to the standard I had expected, but the comments are worth keeping.


13 thoughts on “Hitler Saved By Dubliner?

  1. Kevin Keogh did, in fact, have the original newspaper that made the error(The Northside People) retract that Michael McKeogh won the St. George’s Cross(The Daily Mail simply took the same story from The Northside People). It was a journalistic error and was never mentioned in the book or indeed during any interview. The time frame in which Michael McKeogh crossed paths with Adolf Hitler has been checked and verified by historians and was not the story the family wanted receiving most press; the book is, and always was about Roger Casement.

  2. Keogh never claimed Hitler was a “nazi” propagandist during that time! He stated that Hitler was giving a political speech in the barracks at Munich and whatever he said was seemingly enough to have him beaten to a pulp. Read the book or the manuscripts? Or are you just gathering secondary information from newspapers that make mistakes and regurgitated online “sources”?

    Ask the Northside People yourself.

  3. Re: the historians, the book was edited by Brian Maye, who has written books about Arthur Griffith and Fine Gael, I believe. I’m not aware that it was fact-checked by anyone else. The acknowledgements, which are listed on the publisher’s site, give credit to various librarians and Séamas Ó Síocháin (a biographer of Roger Casement) for help in finding the right sources.

    There is a long and intensively researched article on Keogh http://www.irishbrigade.eu/recruits/kehoe-michael.html. As far as I can make out, the writer is an amateur geneaologist who is attempting to track down the backgrounds of all the members of the Irish Brigade. He quotes, and agrees with, the director of the Bureau of Military History on Keogh: “his claims to importance, which he parades on every occasion, are regarded by those who have come into official contact with him as grossly exaggerated and completely unreliable. Representing himself in the beginning to have been an NCO in the Brigade, his most recent letters to the press indicate that he now claims to have been a Captain and ADC to Roger Casement.”

    I was unable to find a copy of the book in Eason’s or even Hodges Figgis, and apparently the only library copy in Dublin is in Walkinstown. I may make the trip there to see what proof Brian Maye found.

    • I should mention, by the way, that I believe Keogh’s statement was the only one to have commentary added to it, so you would have to question the interference of Michael McDunphy.

  4. The book was stocked in both Hodges Figgis and Waterstones and may have since been sold out. The book was mainly published for the family and there are limited copies online from the publisher. I’ve had several conversations with the “amateur genealogist” you’re speaking about. He himself is aware he has made many errors and has since corrected some. Off the top of my head, apart from Brian Maye(who cross checked all references, all of which are margined and indexed within the book) another historian who has written some accounts is Turtle Bunbury.

    As a sidenote: The interview on RTE on 2nd April is to be aired on the radio and not to be screened on TV as printed by the Irish Independent on March 15.

  5. I’m afraid newspapers do get it wrong some times not all-ways deliberate. I will repeat again just for the record I never said my grandfather received the Georges Cross. As for this quote above “This whole My Grandfather Saved Hitler yarn has been spread around by Kevin Keogh, grandson of the bould Michael” has been bouncing around the internet the past ten months [copy-paste]I did not spread it around as I’m accused [I beginning to sound like that crook Michael Lowery] Michael Keogh wrote that account in his journals, also in 1951 the Sunday Chronicle in Britain printed the story. I never bring the Hitler story up or try to over emphases it,people and the media are fascinated by the history of Hitler and that I have no control over and I have to accept.

    To try and address the Bureau of Military History quote. The Bureau and other Archives have hundreds of documents on Michael Keogh, including 50 fax’s & letters donated by Mrs Childers from Casement to Keogh & visa-versa. Michael had many friends in the Irish army while he served there and after, but he also enemies there to, we must remember after the Civil War ” all was not Rosie ” His friend & comrade from the Irish Brigade Jeremiah O Callaghan was shot in the head at point blank range @ 4am in the army barracks in Mallow,they tried to kill Michael Keogh in Collins Barracks 1924, there after two senior officers gave Michael permission to carry a loaded side arm from then on. I have the documents and will gladly share if anyone wants a copy, after all its your history to.

    There is a lot more to this story that has been written in the media & internet or even his book. A lot of his writings from 1920 to 1964 are still missing.Its also fair to say he was a thorn in the side of some senior civil servants and politicians of the day [the National Archives have plenty of documents too & fro ] He formed the opinion some of them were more interested in there own self-serving interests than that of the Nation,JUST LIKE TODAY, sounds familiar. The documents from one important folder in the National Archives was officially taken out in 1961,three years later most of his papers were taken from him while he was ill. You have to ask the question WHY? I’m not saying my grandfather was a saint, he was mortal and I’m sure like most of us had his faults especially for the times he lived through. But he was devoted to the cause of freedom, liberty and justice for all the people of this island till he drew his last breath in 1964. He never gained a financial treasure trove for his endeavours and in fact for a time in the 1930’s he & wife & 6 children were half starved and got no assistance in there hour of need.They struggled on, like a lot more Irish people did back then.

    Some people including a small few wiss kids in the military refused to believe he was an NCO in Irish Brigade or that he new Casement well and had an inside story to what went on in Germany & Ireland at the time, even doe the documents & photos were across the city in the National Museum. They also denied his involvement in gun-running,that he was in the German army, that he was in 69th regiment. Alas all is revelled,his papers,his military documents,POW doc’s ,photos, also its worth pointing out he was a Staff Captain in the IRA and not the Irish Brigade or Irish army.Its kinda funny when writers & historians wrote about the Casement times,some fairly others not so, there word was almost gospel even doe some never set a foot in Germany or Ireland, yet when one of there own people who served with Casement and promised his Chef he would let the truth be known, he’s not be-leaved. Funny old country this. Anyway as I said I will share any documents in my possession,and even if you like, nominate a reader to review the Book, I will send them a copy of ” With Casements Irish Brigade” [no charge]share there views and see was Michael Keogh [Kehoe] a true Irishman who loved his country or not. Apology’s I some times get carried away when I start writing. Maith le do anois.

    • Kevin, thank you for your contribution and for the information you gave in your comment. I hope you don’t mind that I broke it up to make it easier for me to read.

      I am ordering the book from the publisher and will read and review it myself.

      I think it is to be regretted that the main story has been pretty much ignored. Part of the problem lies with the media. However, I have to say that my first reaction when I heard the Hitler story was of scepticism. While I completely accept that Michael Keogh’s role in the Irish Brigade and other armies was wrongly doubted, the impression that, as I see it, many people – not just Michael McDunphy – have had of certain aspects of his many adventures is one of exaggeration. I mean no slight on his character by saying that. Exaggeration is something that you have to allow for when reading reminiscences of wartime (including BMH statements which were taken 25-40 years after the fact). It doesn’t mean that most of the account isn’t accurate, but I think in Michael Keogh’s case it really is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff, because what I believe are exaggerations are in danger of discrediting his whole story in many people’s eyes.

      It is a great pity you didn’t have a publisher who would have had the wisdom to appreciate the interest the Casement angle would have generated. As I said, I think people are sceptical of the Hitler hoopla, and it discourages them from seeking out the whole story. I will review the book as soon as I can after I receive it, and you can tell me what you think of it if you like, as strongly as you wish. 🙂

      • Thanks Clare and I look forward to your views after you read his book. Regarding the publisher’s it a story in it self but the cut & trust of it was a large publisher did contract to publish it but they decided to wait till after the recession was over [some wait]so Kevin Barry Keogh[my father] contracted self-publishing “Choice” as he is 86 this year and wanted to see for himself his father writings published.But before anyone else says it,a lot of his writings were from 1922 -1930 and should be read in that context.He also had a sense of humour like when he rode the horse Comanche failing to tell the reader the horse was actually dead & stuffed at the time.Hitler was canvassing & lecturing at that time in Munich [it is recorded he was given permission to talk & persuade returning solders not to turn to communism or become passive. But MK was mistaken he did not join the NASDP till the following year as we now know.

  6. Hello,

    RE: “RTE2 documentary about him scheduled for 2 April makes me think 1 April would be a more appropriate date”. The documentary you’re referencing is a radio documentary that was broadcast last weekend on Radio 1.
    RE: “I think RTE should have carried out some fact checking before producing this “documentary”.” Perhpas it might be better to listen first before you critique? After listening, any comment is fair game and we always welcome feedback – good, bad or indifferent. Needless to say, we did do some ‘fact checking’ which is contained within the documentary.
    You can listen online/podcast here:
    Kind Regards,
    The ‘Documentary on One’ team, RTE Radio 1. (Currently the most successful radio documentary unit in the world with 32 national and international awards collected in less than the last 3 yrs)

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